What we offer

On-Site Dialysis

CharDonnay Dialysis has developed a quality, cost effective dialysis program that can be tailored to meet the needs of any facility. We offer hemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis services and can provide a full complement of professional staff, equipment, supplies, maintenance, etc. We believe in communication and partnership to achieve the common goal.

  • Dialysis Supplies
    Our contracts include all routine dialysis supplies unless otherwise stipulated. 
  • Dialysis Equipment and Maintenance
    CharDonnay Dialysis supplies all the standard dialysis equipment; including machines, chairs, and Reverse Osmosis systems. The equipment is serviced according to manufacturers' recommendations and guidelines. We also comply with all AAMI standards for water safety testing. 
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
    We have an extensive data-driven program, developed and implemented to evaluate patient outcomes and other unit-specific data. Our goal is to provide high quality care tht meets or exceeds national standards for best practice as outlines by the ESRD regulatory bodies. 
  • Policy and Procedures
    Each of our units have standard policies and procedures. In unique situations that are approved by CharDonnay Dialysis' Nephrologist, in conjunction with our Customer's Medical Director, adjustments can be made, as long as they remain in compliance with all regulatory bodies. 
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Our programs have been specifically designed to meet all regulations set forth by the regulatory bodies governing ESRD and its care.


If your facility is considering on-site dialysis services, we offer expert consulting that brings clarity and assists in the decision-making process. Call us to discuss a convenient schedule for an on-site visit and assessment. CharDonnay Dialysis has been the market leader in on-site dialysis since 1994. 

Chadonnay Dialysis services

Experienced Professionals

Our dialysis experts include board certified nephrologists, experienced dialysis nurses, nationally certified technicians and biomed staff who provide round the clock support. We can develop a master plan for your dialysis facility which is in compliance with all regulatory agencies.