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About Us

Currently, CharDonnay Dialysis services over sixty on-site dialysis clinics in twenty-seven states across the country. CharDonnay Dialysis maintains the experience and capability of providing exceptional care in any Federal, State, or County correctional setting. In addition, CharDonnay offers services to alternative government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, US Military, or any unique on-site dialysis program needs. From the time of inception, CharDonnay Dialysis has set the standard for institutional and contractual based dialysis by offering competitive pricing, community care standards, and developing strong relationships with our customers.

The primary fundamental focus of CharDonnay Dialysis has always been ensuring that consistent standard of care is administered to all patients in any dialysis clinic or setting.

We operate by the following Core Principals,  which have served as the cornerstone from the first clinic to our present-day footprint:

Integrity – We conduct ourselves with honesty and honor.

Compassion – We express and demonstrate kindness to our patients, partners, and colleagues.

Excellence We take pride in our service and outcomes, and make things as simple as possible for our customers along the way.

Collaboration – Our experience and teamwork makes us the ideal business partner.

Innovation – We approach all situations with an open-mind and eagerness to improve and accommodate.

Accountability – We hold ourselves liable for both our successes, and our opportunities for improvement.

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Where We Deliver

CharDonnay Dialysis is cost-effective.

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars through the years. We can positively impact your budget, too. We work in tandem with each facility to create the most efficient dialysis program available.

Facilities which transport patients off-site for dialysis treatments can realize a tremendous cost savings through our on-site program development. 

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