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About Us

CharDonnay Dialysis, Inc. is a woman owned business dedicated to the provision of quality on-site dialysis services within the correctional community, and any contract opportunities. Our company has developed a full complement of services including dialysis programs, staff, equipment, education, consulting and quality improvement initiatives to meet customer needs. With over 20 years of experience in bringing dialysis on-site, we fully comprehend the needs of the correctional environment. We understand the importance of a smooth transition and on-ongoing delivery of quality services without disruption to the current care. Our experience affords us a patient understanding of the entire scope of medical practice and its delivery in the environment in which we provide services; on-site dialysis, making timelines, and a smooth transition a priority to eliminate unnecessary off site care, problems or issues.

As a dialysis provider, our focus is to provide the highest quality of care possible by keeping abreast of the current trends, cost saving and cost effective treatment and implementing that knowledge into current operations.
Donna Combs-Williamson

CDI has an established repertoire as the industry's leading and premier on-site dialysis provider for Correctional Facilities across the country. CDI's proven business model can also successfully implement on-site dialysis programs for Hospitals, Federal Facilities, and any contract opportunity. We possess a clear knowledge of objective, timelines, and administrative infrastructures within the correctional and business settings. Our commitment to excellence and the importance of a sound plan which focuses on continuity of quality care is at the heart of our mission. Our team, being made up of experienced executives and managers, allows for rapid and efficient program implementation; which is essential for project success and longevity. We pride ourselves in strong communication and integrity which is the basis of all our business relationships.

Our dialysis programs and quality improvement initiatives have been formulated to meet and exceed national standards of practice. Our policies and procedures correlate and comply with the guidelines, recommendations and regulations established and set forth by the regulatory bodies that govern ESRD and its care. Additionally, we have vast experience and possess a clear knowledge of ACA standards, NCCHC, JCAHO and state specific Department of Health licensure regulations.

CDI has established relationships with industry suppliers and can provide a customized dialysis program, tailored to suit your needs. Our management personnel are highly qualified licensed and/or certified dialysis professionals that operate, foster and promote a team environment encouraging open communication. We believe in a partnership with our clients working together for the common goal.

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CharDonnay Dialysis is cost-effective.

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars through the years. We can positively impact your budget, too. We work in tandem with each facility to create the most efficient dialysis program available.

Facilities which transport patients off-site for dialysis treatments can realize a tremendous cost savings through our on-site program development. 

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